99 Things To Do

Find adventure around every corner when you vacation in Custer, SD. From outdoor activities to nearby national parks and monuments, stay on the edge of every adventure.

1. Feed a burro in Custer State Park
2. Catch a fish
3. Discover a Geo-cache
4. Admire the glittery path of the Milky Way
5. Walk around beautiful Sylvan Lake
6. Swim in the clean waters of a mountain lake
7. Catch crawdads
8. Trap minnows in a clear stream
9. Enjoy a mosquito-free walk
10. Walk or bike the Mickelson Trail
11. Find a piece of rose quartz
12. Have a contest with your kids to see who can count the most deer
13. Like General Custer, pan for gold
14. Enjoy the beauty of the Hills from a canoe in Stockade Lake
15. Photograph beautiful wild flowers
16. Walk barefoot in the grass
17. Meet the challenge of completing the Mickelson Trail on bike
18. Grill burgers outdoors
19. Make  s'mores with your kids
20. Look for valuable agates
21. Discover beautiful vistas from the back of a horse
22. Jump in Center lake
23. Camp in Custer State Park
24. Go for a picnic next to a mountain stream
25. Discover a view of Mt. Rushmore through a tunnel on Iron Mountain Road
26. See a baby buffalo in Custer State Park and Wind Cave National Park
27. Photograph a herd of elk
28. Stand where General Custer stood
29. Experience the sensation of sand between your toes while walking barefoot in a lake
30. Hike part of the Centennial Trail
31. Take a balloon ride over the Black Hills with Black Hills Balloons
32. Pick a bouquet of beautiful wildflowers
33. Find the rock at Sylvan Lake that was highlighted in National Treasure II
34. Discover a new hiking trail
35. Travel through the world's 2nd longest cave:  Jewel Cave
36. Pick and eat wild raspberries
37. Climb Black Elk Peak (formerly Harney Peak) which is the highest point east of the Rocky Mountains and west of the Swiss Alps
38. Explore the aged granite of the Cathedral Spires
39. Motorcycle ride through amazing mountain scenery
40. Practice skipping Rocks at Stockade Lake
41. Work on your tan while laying out at the beach at beautiful Center Lake
42. Cook a hotdog on a stick over a wood fire
43. Collect pine cones for an art project
44. Doodle in the sand of Legion Lake with a stick
45. Identify dozens of constellations in the clear night sky
46. Introduce your family to the wonders of nature
47. Tell a story by the light of a campfire
48. Propose to your sweetheart in an aspen grove
49. Climb to the fire tower of Black Elk Peak
50. Enjoy cool evenings away from the sweltering heat of the city
51. Explore the woods by flashlight
52. Find mica and admire its radiant beauty
53. Motorcycle along smooth roads with amazing views like Needles Hwy
54. Have breakfast with the presidents at Mt. Rushmore
55. Savor the delicious scent of pine trees and the musical sound of aspen trees blowing in the wind
56. Indulge in a frozen treat
57. Stroll down the main street of Custer
58. Enjoy your own delightful cabin
59. Experience delicious meals offered in family-owned restaurants
60. Challenge yourself by completing the super hike
61. Take a ride back through history
62. Sample a wide selection of hand-made confections
63. Celebrate your America's birthday with a good old-fashioned parade
64. Remember your friends back home with souvenirs from the Black Hills
65. Send a post card from near the geographical center of the United States
66. Witness dynamite blasts at Crazy Horse which is the world's largest mountain carving in progress
67. Relax to the sounds of live performers sharing their gift of song
68. Get your Harley on by getting new Sturgis-ware
69. Experience the thrill of hundreds of buffalo gathered for the Buffalo Round-Up in Custer State Park
70. Meet our own "General Custer" while shopping the main street of Custer
71. Stock up on snacks, groceries, and spirits at our two local grocery stores
72. Enjoy the flow of traffic in a county with only four traffic lights
73. Sip a cup of coffee while witnessing an amazing mountain sunrise
74. Select a bottle of wine and savor it with a friend
75. Explore some of the world's best rock climbing routes
76. Kick up your heels at our annual street dance
77. Cheer your favorite team at our Discovery Days Bed Races
78. Take an old-fashioned photo of your family at Frontier Photo
79. Step back in time at the Four Mile Ghost Town
80. Discover the largest percentage of rare boxwork  in the world's 4th longest cave: Wind Cave
81. Climb up to the Needles Eye
82. Gather garnets from mountain streams stone
83. Hug a tree
84. Take a trail ride to explore beautiful views of the Hills
85. Remember the past and introduce it to your children at the 1881 Courthouse Museum downtown Custer
86. Witness amazing fireworks displays celebrating America's heritage on the 4th of July
87. Travel in security knowing that we have a fully-equipped hospital in town
88. Refill your prescription at either of our local pharmacies
89. Draw a picture in the sand
90. Expand your wardrobe in our unique, family-owned shops
91. Outfit your kids with all kind of books and crafts for your car ride
92. Sing some songs around a camp fire
93. Enjoy freshly baked doughnuts and pastries
94. Take a break from exploring and enjoy one of our many local playgrounds
95. Enjoy some buffalo, pheasant, elk, walleye, or trout for lunch
96. Catch a trophy trout
97. Make your Facebook Friends jealous by posting pictures of your great adventures
98. Start a Travelblog of your Black Hills journey
99. Bring a friend and enjoy your stay discovering the Beauty, Diversity, and History of the Black Hills

Custer, South Dakota

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