Custer and the surrounding Black Hills are a favorite destination for camping enthusiasts. Why?  Because here you’ll find plenty of RV parks, luxury camping resorts, lake campgrounds, back-country, horse camps, hike-in camps and cozy cabins to choose from.  Sleep under the stars or in a Lakota Tipi. Enjoy a modern cabin or a rustic horse camp. You name your camping adventure and you’re sure to find it here.  Not to mention the ideal climate of Custer and the Black Hills means warm days and cool nights—perfect for roasting marshmallows on the campfire.

Most National Forest and state-run campgrounds have comfort stations, hookups and dumping facilities. Wilderness areas and horse camps typically do not have modern conveniences. Campgrounds and resorts offer campsites, pools, playgrounds and family recreation areas.

Things to Remember when Camping

  • Dry or extreme drought conditions often occur in the Black Hills. During these conditions local, state, or Federal government agencies will place campfire and grilling restrictions throughout the Black Hills, including at campgrounds. Be aware of the fire danger and follow regulations.
  • Campfires on Black Hills National Forest Service lands in South Dakota are only allowed in established campfire grates at designated picnic or campgrounds. Recreational campfires outside of those areas on the Black Hills National Forest need to be permitted by the District Ranger.
  • Allow campfires to burn down to a fine ash. Pour water on the fire and drown all embers until the hissing sound stops. Stir the campfire ashes and embers until everything is wet and cold to the touch.
  • Leave no evidence of your camping trip. Remove all litter, excess food and camping equipment.

Campgrounds in the Area:

To find a campground, cabin or RV park, please visit Cabins & Campgrounds.

Custer, South Dakota

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Custer, South Dakota

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