Written by Dolsee Davenport
May 21, 2018

If you arrive in Custer without much charge left on your Tesla, no problem.  There is charging EVERYWHERE in Custer, including a BRAND NEW 8 – POSITION SUPERCHARGER!  NOW OPEN!

The Superchargers are located behind Lynn’s Dakotamart at 800 Mt. Rushmore Road.  Lynn’s Dakotamart is a local grocery store and a great place to stop for food and other supplies you may need for your road trip.  In addition to the 8 Superchargers, Custer also has 22 Destination Chargers located throughout town.  Most of these Destination Chargers are located at local hotels as an added amenity for hotel guests so you can conveniently charge overnight.  There’s also a couple at the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Information Center just a block off of Mt. Rushmore Road and near all the great restaurants and shops downtown.

Custer is a great stop while in the Black Hills, and an excellent place to get charged.  We’re minutes, not miles, from adventure so make plans to stay in Custer while touring the Hills in your Tesla!

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